We call our Adult Sunday School program Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF). We offer different ABF classes during each service on Sunday morning. Although the specific topics may be different in each class, the goal is the same: To create an environment that builds relationships between believers while deepening the knowledge of the Bible. 

We offer these classes on Sunday Mornings. 


     Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological presentation of the history and truths found in the Bible. The most important theme in all of Scripture – the redemption of fallen mankind by Jesus Christ – is gradually revealed throughout the Old Testament and brought into focus in the New Testament. We will travel on a journey through the history of creation, sin and redemption. We also will stop along that journey to discuss important “proofs” (apologetics) and historical events.
– This class is taught by Kathy & Dave Macwhinney  in the classroom 3/4
     Class will be looking at the hope Israel will experience as seen through the eyes of Jeremiah as told to him by God, at the messages of Habakkuk and Job as they each experienced hope and God’s help, how Ezekiel’s vision of a coming temple where God’s presence can be found and where the people can offer their best to God at the alter.
– This class is taught by Jerry Sill and John Foster  in the Everfaithful classroom 1
     Bible study, review, and reflection. Including discussion, examples, and practical application to our daily lives and the daily lives of our loved ones (close family, friends, children). This class is also involved in local drives such coat drives, shoes, etc…
– This class is taught by Mike Gause in the middle classroom 2