—Our Mission
Our Mission Statement
New Horizons Community Church exists to help the people of Rockford, the surrounding communities, and the global community to become totally devoted followers of Jesus Christ – bringing Christ and Community together.
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to bring Christ and Community together. Therefore, we strive to win people to Christ, build believers toward Christian maturity, and equip Christians to be disciple-makers, all to glorify God.
Our Guiding Principles
  • People: We value people and take our responsibility seriously when reaching people who are seeking fulfillment in life.
  • Family Wholeness: We believe that a healthy family makes for a healthy church; therefore we take great measure in ensuring that top quality ministries are available for the entire family for Christ.
  • Community: We value community worship and fellowship; therefore we provide a setting where contemporary worship and community are a priority.
  • Whole Bible Application: We value the Bible, but not only as facts represented, but as a way of life for today’s Christ follower, therefore, our Bible teaching focuses largely on application.
  • Serving Community: We value providing opportunities for people to serve. Serving is a way individuals express themselves while honoring God in the process.