We support a number of missionaries as a church, and we are committed to sending out short term missions teams from our church family.

Laurel Mission
Mission Teams serve in every ministry of Laurel Mission. They come with willing hands to help at Laurel Mission and in surrounding communities.  They are “The Church” comprised of multiple denominations from 10 different states.Visit their site to learn more!
Jennifer Blandin
Jennifer Blandin has worked in Macau since 1996.

Role: Jennifer wears a variety of hats: interim pastor of Living Stone UB church in Macau, Bible study facilitator, preacher, and more.

Home church: Main Street UB church in Walbridge, Ohio
Milton and Erika Pacheco
The Pachecos, from Honduras, arrived in Thailand in 2017.

Role: Milton and Erika are talented musicians exhibiting leadership and organizational gifting.

Home church: Milton and Erika serve through the Honduran Church.

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